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Lamport & Dowler Auction Service is owned and operated by John Lamport and Tim Dowler. Tim and John first met in 1999 at Winnipeg Livestock Sales and decided to join up to form Lamport & Dowler Auction Service. Lamport & Dowler Auction Service is a member of the Manitoba Auctioneer's Association.

In addition to being one of the business owners at Lamport & Dowler, John Lamport was a cattleman & cattle auctioneer at Heartland Livestock Brandon. John currently farms full time. John is a graduate of The Auctioneering Institute of Canada in Strathmoore, Alberta & received his diploma in 1994. John resides in Woodlands, MB with his wife Kelly and their son Cale.

Tim Dowler is a very accomplished cattle auctioneer and has also been auctioning vehicles at Adesa Auto Auction Winnipeg since 1999 and Adesa Auto Auction Edmonton since 2013.
Prior to cattle auctioning, Tim had/has spent many years organizing and auctioning at farm, estate and machinery auctions. Tim graduated from The Auctioneering Institute of Canada in 1995 & won the Manitoba & Saskatchewan Livestock Auctioneering Championship for 2006. He also finished in 3rd place in the Canadian Livestock Auctioneering Championship held in Winnipeg, Manitoba (2010).

Tim Dowler makes his home in Winnipeg, MB with his wife Tami and their children Cheyenne and Lane.

Through their experience over the years in the cattle industry, automotive industry and in managerial duties, John and Tim have acquired an immense knowledge for the auction industry and look forward to serving you in whatever way they can

Tim Dowler, auctioneer.

Tim looking over a john deere tractor!

Tim & John competing in the Man/Sask Auction Competition


Tim & Cheyenne Dowler along with John Lamport

John Lamport selling at Dux retirement auction.

Tim at auction competition


Tim Dowler, auctioneer.

John Lamport, auctioneer.

Tim auctioning cattle.