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On this page you will find testimonials from customers that have used Lamport & Dowler Auction Service for their sale day or others who have simply bought at & enjoyed the sales. Please feel free to read through their letters of appreciation.

August 7, 2010 - Tillenius Auction, Narcisse, Manitoba
Tim and John,
We cannot express how impressed we are with the great auction you put on yesterday.
We weren't looking forward to seeing Uncle Allan's possessions being put on display and sold for dirt cheap.  However, what we really saw yesterday was a happy event where the people who showed up were viewing his discarded items as their  'treasures'.  The buyers were able to see new uses and potentials for what we were putting to rest. 
We saw that Jack and Fred put their hearts and souls  into restoring the life and beauty into those items and brought them back to life.  What patience and foresight they have!
You treated our family with respect.  You saw nothing but goodness in the place which we are having to abandon.  Thanks for making it such a great memorable event.  We never got tired of hearing your voices on the microphone and could listen to the 'butabing', 'butabing'  beat all day long.
Thanks so much,
Naomi and Doug Ratushniak

Sept. 27, 2008 - Pociuk Auction in Beasejour, MB
Hi, We attended one of your auctions for the first time on Sept 27, 2008.  We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it and how impressed we were with the way the auctioneers treated the staff, with words of encouragement and appreciation. Had a great time.
Thanks, Lawrence and Linda Hyde

Again, we were very impressed with the good relationship we saw between the staff. Lawrence and Linda

August 8, 2008 - Cooper Auction near Beausejour, MB
Dear Lamport & Dowler,
Thanks to John & Tim and their helpers for making a very stressful time for me much easier & very enjoyable. If I'm ever asked about the auction, I will be sure to mention your name & great service!
Yvonne Cooper

June 16, 2007  - Antique & Collectibles auction for Peggy Williams Stonewall, MB
Just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed your auction last Saturday in Stonewall. Lesley and I have been to 2 of your auctions and find them very enjoyable and fun.  Hope you have lots more like it. Also thanks to you all for helping us load up our treasures. We hope you have more antique and collectible sales as that is what we are interested in. We check your website regularly. Cheers Mona & Lesley from

August 12, 2006 Auction - The Ptak family from Dugald, MB

HELLOOOO Tim & Tami, and John! I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding Saturday's sale.  You can imagine how pleased and surprised we were with your call of last evening. 

I think it would be an understatement to suggest that we were pleased with the sale.  We are impressed beyond words at the job you and your team did to make such a success out of such difficult conditions.  Even without knowing the total results, we were commenting to each other all day about the wonderful job you guys did, and the way you handled the crowd.  Tim, John and everyone worked so hard, and we were amazed at the way you held the crowd's interest (and attendance!). 
This isn't an 'official' letter on behalf of the family (that will come later this week after we can put our collective thoughts together) but I'm sure everyone feels the same way I do.  Great job, and 'way to go' to the whole team. 
I hope that you have a very successful season.  You are fine people.  I don't believe that we could have found a better team to help us through this. 
Best regards, and you'll hear from us soon.
Sincerely, Tracy Gregory
**Good morning Tim and Tami,
I hope you and your crew have recovered from last weekend's event at my mother's farm. Your team's dedication was very apparent, as well as your commitment to conduct business in a professional and courteous manner under the most trying conditions. I personally appreciate the respect and care you demonstrated when dealing with my family's situation. It is truly appreciated.
Thank you again for all your efforts.
Monica Ptak
***************August 23, 2006
                Dear Tim, John & team of Lamport and Dowler,

We would like to thank you and your crew for going the extra mile at our family’s auction on August 12th. We especially appreciate the way you handled the crowd and held their interest in spite of the inclement weather.

The success of our auction was due in large part to your commitment and professionalism. We greatly appreciate the sensitive manner in which you dealt with our family’s situation.

We hope you have a successful auction season. You are fine people. And we thank you for your support and encouragement in preparing for our auction.

Sincerely,  Helen Ptak & Family

May 21, 2005 Farm Auction - Klass & Linda Friesen from Riverton, MB
Hi Tim & Tami,
In May of 2005, Lamport & Dowler Auction Service conducted a large farm auction for us.  We had huge doubts about having a sale at this time due to the depressed mood of farmers resulting from low cattle & grain prices.  We questioned if any aggressive buyers would come to the sale?  Would we get even close to fair prices?
We came away from the sale very pleased.  The posters were attractive, eye catching, and obviously did the job.  Thanks to Tim Dowler & John Lamport's hard working advertising we had a terrific turnout of buyers.  Tim, John & support staff fought very hard to get good prices for us.  Even a 77-year-old grandmother noticed how hard they worked for us at the sale.  Thanks to them, we got better prices than anticipated.  We highly recommend Lamport & Dowler Auction Services.  If anyone can get good crowds out and good prices from bidders, they can!
Sincerely, Klass & Linda Friesen